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We provide a full range of assurance, accounting and tax services for Owner Managed Businesses, Not-for-profits, Estates, and Trusts
Dave Dart, CA


403-230-3764 Ext. 12

Ed Bryant, CA


403-230-3764 Ext. 11

Denis Perron, CPA, CA


403-230-3764 Ext. 28

Roland Rochow, CMA, MTI, TEP

Tax, Estates and Trusts

403-230-3764 Ext. 17

Michael Oosterhof, CA

Tax, Owner Managed Businesses

403-230-3764 Ext. 30

Joy Peterson

Administrative Assistant

403-230-3764 Ext. 13

Pieter DeWaal, CA

Audit, Tax, Owner Managed Businesses, Not-for-profits

403-230-3764 Ext. 16

Sandra Bryant, swmbo

Office Manager

403-230-3764 Ext. 10

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